i’m in that crappy mood where you can’t even decide what music to listen to

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It’s like an earthquake
Shaking the island of my mind
Or a volcanic eruption
Boiling my blood
A tornado blowing through
The valleys of my heart
And a tsunami rushing from my eyes
Every time I think about
Your last goodbye
The way you waved like the ocean
And then drifted away
You being the sea
And me being the shore
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hi there.
Trespass America is something I’ll never forget. The guys of Five Finger Death Punch are some of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting, and walking around backstage, being in the security pit taking pictures and taking photography of the shows was a great experience. 
My respect and love level for these guys has boosted, and no matter what you think, us Metal Heads and Rockers are some of the best motherfuckers you’ll ever meet.